Green Platform

Driving sustainable decarbonisation and self-sufficiency in Europe

The EMINENT project will work to establish the basis for an integrated value chain for deep sea minerals with far smaller environmental footprint than current mining operations.

EMINENT is a joint collaboration project between:

Future Materials Catapult Centre
GCE Ocean Technology
National Oilwell Varco
Seabed Solutions
UiT The Arctic University of Norway
University of Bergen

H1. Environment

Establish a concept that develops and tests key solutions to demonstrate a sustainable value chain for seabed minerals. Investigate the envrionment in the deep sea and monitor the effects of the research operations.

Marine ecosystem

H2. Exploration

Develop, test and demonstrate new technology and methodology to efficiently investigate the environment and resources in the deep sea, with the goal of accelerating knowledge acquisition. Commercialize an integrated 'Exploration Toolbox' during the project.

H3. Production

Simulate and design new technology for a closed production of mineral resources at the continental shelf that minimizes environmental impact and energy consumption.

Petrobras Drillship
Deep sea minerals processing

H4. Processing

Develop and test pre-processing recovery methods for deep sea minerals to integrate effectively with existing processing facilities, including battery value chains. Identify alternative uses for excess material to reduce deposition needs. Scale lab processes to pilot at the Future Materials Catapult Centre.