Dec 21, 2022

GreenPlatform-project granted NOK 70,8M

The project aims to establish a foundation for a comprehensive value chain for seabed minerals with a significantly smaller environmental footprint than current mining practices.

GreenPlatform-project granted NOK 70,8M

Minerals are essential to the energy transition.

The renewable energy system requires significantly larger quantities of critical minerals than today's fossil energy system. Recycling is a good start, but it is far from sufficient to provide the large amounts of critical minerals necessary for the energy transition. Many believe that seabed minerals have great potential to realize a significant reduction in environmental and climate impacts. To establish a robust foundation for the development of a new mineral industry, it is crucial to understand and anticipate the main challenges that will be encountered throughout the entire value chain and facilitate extensive collaboration across the industry by drawing on complementary expertise.

Establishment of a new comprehensive value chain.

The project will explore how we can best realize a completely new value chain in seabed minerals. We will demonstrate world-leading technology and methodology for environmental and resource mapping and environmentally friendly production and processing. Together, we will develop tools with a strong focus on minimizing our footprint and reducing our emissions in everything we do. This will contribute to the responsible use of our seabed mineral resources and increase value creation for the involved partners, as well as strengthening Norway's position and export opportunities in a large and growing international market.

A Norwegian team with global presence.

The project is composed of a broad consortium of a total of [15] companies and institutions with complementary and leading expertise in their respective segments. The consortium includes leading international industrial actors and the foremost universities and research institutions in deep-sea environments, seabed minerals, and mineral processing in Norway.

"We are very humble and grateful for the Green Platform support from the Research Council, Innovation Norway, and Siva. This support gives us the opportunity to accelerate knowledge acquisition and answer central questions related to the possibility of establishing an entirely new industry that can deliver critical minerals (extracted in a responsible manner) that are required in the energy transition," says Anette Broch Mathisen Tvedt, CEO of Adepth and project manager for the Green Platform project.

The consortium consists of UiB, NTNU, UiT, NORCE, Future Materials Norwegian Catapult Centre, Akvaplan Niva, NOV, Aanderaa, DeepOcean, Shearwater, AkerBP, Seabed Solutions, Geoprovider, GCE Ocean Technology, and Adepth.

About the Green Platform.

The Green Platform is an initiative that provides support for research and innovation-driven green transformation in business. The aim is to develop a sustainable business that takes care of the climate and environment while creating economic value. The goal of the Green Platform is to accelerate green transformation in business and ensure a socio-economically profitable and internationally competitive Norwegian business.

The Research Council, Innovation Norway, and Siva awarded a total of 623 million in 2023.

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