April 03, 2024

Join us at the One Ocean Week

The EMINENT project will take part and present at the One Ocean Week medio April. We hope to see your there to discuss deep sea exploration.

Join us at the One Ocean Week

The Norwegian Parliament has opened for mineral activities on the Norwegian continental shelf. A step-by-step process is planned, where the first phase will be environmental mapping and mineral exploration. GCE Ocean Technology and the University in Bergen invite to a seminar 17 April during the One Ocean Week to address knowledge status and the way forward.

At the seminar, we will discuss questions like: What do we know, what do we need to investigate further and how can we work together to obtain the knowledge we need?

Anette Broch Mathisen Tvedt, CEO of Adepth Minerals and EMINENT project manager, will share the experience from the EMINENT project and her perspective on how the industry can contribute with innovation to strengthen the knowledge.

- The EMINENT project is a great example of how industry and researchers work across disciplines to increase knowledge. I look forward to joining the One Ocean Week to share perspectives on how to best collaborate to explore the deep sea and what it will take to succeed with deep sea exploration, says Anette.

The event is planned held in Norwegian. For more information, program and sign up to the event.

The Pearl Node by Shearwater, acquiring geophysical and background data on the Mohns Ridge” Photo: The EMINENT project.